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Canon establishes new Philippines manufacturing company
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 

TOKYO, January 31, 2012—Canon Inc. today announced the establishment of a new Philippines-based manufacturing company for the production of laser printers as well as accessories and parts that will make possible the creation of a globally optimized production system. The new company, Canon Business Machines (Philippines), Inc., will be located in the province of Batangas, Philippines.

Recently, the laser printer market has displayed steady growth, with competitively priced models playing a central role. The expected increase in future demand for competitively priced laser printers has created a pressing need for Canon to secure necessary production capacity while making it possible for the company to respond in a flexible manner.

In response to these circumstances, Canon has decided to establish Canon Business Machines (Philippines), Inc. in Batangas, Philippines. In addition to an established infrastructure, Canon anticipates access to a steady supply of human resources, many of which are capable of communicating in English, making the location well suited for manufacturing.

Canon plans to commence construction for the new company in April 2012 with operations scheduled to begin in April 2013.

Overview of New Company

1. Name:   Canon Business Machines (Philippines), Inc.
2. Location:   First Philippines Industrial Park, Batangas, Philippines
3. Representative:   Kazuhiko Yamada (President)
4. Business activities:   Manufacture of laser printers, accessories and parts
5. No. of employees:   Approx. 5,000 (tentative, by 2014)
6. Capital:   6 billion yen
7. Equity structure:   Canon Inc.: 100%
8. Establishment:   December 2011
9. Land area:   Approx. 301,000 sq. meters
10. Total floor area:   Approx. 83,000 sq. meters
11. Total investment:   Approx. 18 billion yen
12. Start of construction:   April 2012 (tentative)
13. Start of operations:   April 2013 (tentative)
    Note: Canon has two existing Philippines-based subsidiaries:
  • Canon Information Technologies Philippines, Inc. (established August 1991)
  • Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. (established December 1996)