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Features Highlight

- Detachable Handle with 2 XLR Inputs 
- Infrared Mode 
- Wi-Fi Wireless Function¹ 
- Canon 20x Optical Zoom HD Video Lens 
- Various Recording Formats 
- Intelligent IS with New 5-axis Dynamic Image Stabilization System 
- HD CMOS PRO Image Sensor 
- New DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor 
- Dual Card Slots for Versatile Recording Options 
- 3.5-inch 1.23 million-dot High-Resolution OLED Touch Screen 
- 1.56 million-dot High-Resolution Angle-Adjustable Viewfinder 
- Slow and Fast Motion Recording Function 
- 60cm Minimum Object Distance 
- Instant AF and Medium-Speed AF 
- Flexible Manual Controls 
- High Expandability Supporting GPS Receiver and Other Accessories

XA20 Ultra Compact Professional Full HD Camcorder combines professional image quality, flexible operability and high expandability in a highly portable compact and lightweight body. The camcorder incorporate a newly developed Canon 26.8mm wide-angle 20x optical zoom HD video lens, 1/2.84-inch 2.91-megapixel HD CMOS PRO image sensor and DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor to realize a much wider shooting range with sharp and stable images. Dual band Wi-Fi wireless function is also supported for remote shooting and instant uploading to FTP server, saving and playback of videos, allowing greater flexibility in shooting and video sharing. XA20 features an Infrared mode and a new infrared LED light for easy shooting in nighttime or dim environment, and a detachable handle with 2 XLR inputs for different shooting needs and professional sound recording. Offering superior image quality and the ability for versatile applications, XA20 is perfect for assignments spanning from on-location news coverage, documentary filming, wedding or event shooting, also an ideal teaching equipment for movie and multimedia institutes. 

¹The compatibility of Wi-Fi wireless function depends on the mobile device models and operating systems


Detachable Handle with 2 XLR Inputs for Enhanced Shooting Flexibility and Professional Performance
XA20 comes with a detachable handle to cater for different shooting needs. With the handle attached, XA20 is able to shoot from any challenging angles for clear and sharp images. Meanwhile, the camcorder remains compact in size when the handle is removed, providing greater operation flexibility and making it easier to carry the camcorder around in a bag for higher mobility.
In addition, 2 XLR inputs and an external microphone holder are built on the handle for attaching various professional sound recording equipment to cater for different shooting venues and needs. XLR inputs support a range of audio types, including an external line input, microphone input and microphone input with phantom power. Both recording from an external microphone and audio line input can be synchronized together for more dramatic sound effects. Volumes for the 2 channel inputs can be adjusted independently for the optimal result. Dual channel recording to serve as a backup is also allowed for more reliable sound recording performance.


Infrared Mode for Easy Shooting in Low Light Conditions
XA20 features an improved Infrared mode to facilitate easy close range shooting in night scenes and poorly lit places. During normal shooting, an infrared cutoff filter built on the lens can ensure image colors remain unaffected by the infrared light. Once this mode is activated, the infrared cutoff filter will be retracted from the optical path to allow more infrared light to pass through the CMOS sensor. Coupled with Canon’s proprietary lens coating for a higher transmission rate of infrared light, enhanced light-gathering capability can be ensured during infrared shooting. Together with a new infrared LED light which is 3 times brighter than the previous model and offers a much wider radiation angle for even distribution throughout the entire image area, more natural looking video recording can be guaranteed. In addition to the default color of black and white, infrared shooting under green light is also available.


Wi-Fi Wireless Function¹ for Easy Remote Shooting and Video Transmission
XA20 supports dual band (5GHz and 2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi wireless function for sending signals reliably even when used in areas with increased signal interference. The Wi-Fi wireless function supports wireless remote shooting for controlling the camcorder remotely from a browser on smart phones or tablet devices, without the need to install any software for enhanced shooting mobility. This allows easy shooting from more distinctive angles, for example attaching the camcorder to a crane for high angle shots or shooting from a far distance. Users can enjoy the same level of professional control on camcorder settings during remote shooting, including start/stop buttons, live view display, adjustments on zooming, aperture, shutter speed, exposure, white balance and selections of programmed AE modes and manual or auto focusing. This brings a higher degree of freedom in filming production.
This function also allows easy and quick transmission, playback or saving of videos for a streamlined workflow. Videos captured can be uploaded to FTP server anytime through a network access point. Quick video transmission for reporting breaking news from the field or backup is also possible for videos recorded in MP4 format at 3Mbps recording bit rate which result in a smaller file size. In addition, simply with a free “Movie Uploader” application installed on your iOS devices2, videos can be viewed, saved and shared to social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube directly from the iOS device over a Wi-Fi network. Users can also playback via browsers and save3 the videos stored in the camcorder on iOS and Android™ devices4 for easy playback and video management using smart phones, tablet devices or computers without the need for cable connection or video playback software. 

1 The compatibility of Wi-Fi wireless function depends on the mobile device models and operating systems
2 iOS 5 or later version
3 iOS devices support neither direct save via browser function nor playback of videos at 35 Mbps; Android™ devices incompatible with full HD video playback will not support playback of videos at 17 Mbps or above
4 iOS devices using iOS 5 or later version; Android™ devices using Android 4.0 or later version


Canon 20x Optical Zoom HD Video Lens for Expanded Wide-Angle and Zoom Capability
Canon has incorporated XA20 with a newly developed 26.8mm wide-angle 20x optical zoom HD video lens for a wider shooting range while maintaining a compact and lightweight body design. The lens provides focal range equivalent to 26.8mm5 to 576mm in 35mm film for more versatile imaging expressions, allowing easy capture of breathtakingly wide open scenes or close-up shots of facial expressions. Wide-angle shooting at approximately 20mm is also possible with the optional WA-H58 wide attachment. Offering a large aperture of f/1.8 - f/2.8, the lens can guarantee clear and sharp images even in low light situations. The inclusion of Hi-UD (Hi Index Ultra Low Dispersion) lens, the same as found in Canon’s top-of-the-line models, reduces chromatic aberration throughout the zoom range for high resolution and low chromatic aberration images.
To support the lens’ powerful zoom capability while ensuring image stabilization at the same time, the lens adopts a newly developed 3D Real-time Lens structure that features a single lens group to move freely and respond in real time for both zooming and vibration correction. This can ensure quick, silent and smooth zooming and produce sharp and stable images. Utilizing the superior EF lens technology, the camcorder features an 8-bladed circular aperture for more natural and smoother out-of-focus areas. Points of light that appear in night skylines can be turned into beautiful, circular blur for easy creation of cinematic bokeh effect.

5 When Dynamic Mode is off


Various Recording Formats for Versatile Application Matching Different Scenes and Needs
XA20 supports a range of recording formats to cater for different scenes and shooting needs. Supporting full HD (1920 x 1080) MP4 format recording with maximum 35Mbps recording bit rate, exceptional videos that capture every finest detail can be guaranteed, making it ideal for shooting main news or other important productions. The camcorder is also compatible for shooting full HD videos in 50p under AVCHD or MP4 format. By recording twice the amount of data compared to 50i, 50p recording is perfect for moving subjects such as sports or dance performance. Blur-free images can be ensured, resulting in high quality videos showing clear movements.


Intelligent IS with New 5-axis Dynamic Image Stabilization System for All-Direction Image Stability
XA20 is equipped with an Intelligent IS for automatic switching among 4 types of stabilization modes including Dynamic IS, Powered IS, Marco IS and Tripod Mode according to shooting conditions. This can minimize camcorder vibration or hand shake to ensure steady and smooth videos. A new 5-axis Dynamic Image Stabilization System is also added for effective correction of camcorder movements across 5 axes, including tilt movements along the horizontal, vertical and lateral axis, and up-down or left-right shift movements. This guarantees high level of image stability in all situations. Furthermore, image distortion can be substantially reduced, ensuring exceptional video performance even shooting with a handheld camcorder while walking.
HD CMOS PRO Image Sensor for Higher Sensitivity and Wider Dynamic Range
XA20 features HD CMOS PRO image sensor which adopts new optical technologies for an enlarged 1/2.84-inch sensor size and an increased number of effective pixels of 2.91 million for full HD recording, and is designed to support the lens’ powerful wide-angle and zoom performance to ensure superior images throughout the entire zoom range. The image sensor realizes greater light-gathering capabilities, coupled with DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor with high algorithm power, image noise can be dramatically reduced to realize an improved signal-to-noise ratio by 4dB. Sharp and detailed images with wider dynamic range can be expected even in dimly lit conditions. The wider dynamic range can help retain more image details in both highlight and shadow areas when shooting in high contrast scenes, best for capturing beautiful skin tone and delicate color gradation.


New DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor for Guaranteed Steady Videos in High Quality
XA20 features a new DIGIC DV 4 Digital Image Processor that brings even higher speed for processing massive HD data. Multitasking is also supported, offering the ability to record both AVCHD and MP4 formats in different bit rates simultaneously for enhanced efficiency. In addition, DIGIC DV 4 improves noise reduction performance for easy recording of sharp and bright videos even in nighttime or dimly lit environment at an improved minimum subject illumination of 1.0 lux.


Dual Card Slots for Versatile Recording Options
To offer higher recording capacity and provide more flexible recording options for various needs, XA20 features a built-in dual card slots using the popular and reliable SD / SDHC / SDXC memory cards as recording media. The dual card slots support two-way relay recording function which will automatically switch to the other memory card for continuous recording when one card is full. This flexibly expands the recording capacity and is ideal for long time outdoor shooting, allowing for up to 8 hours of full HD video recording at 35Mbps recording bit rate with two 64GB SD cards. In addition, simultaneous recording is also supported. This allows easy and instant video backup by recording to both cards in identical format, or recording both AVCHD and MP4 formats6 in different bit rates simultaneously to meet the demands for various applications while contributing to an effective workflow. 6 Except for AVCHD 28Mbps and MP4 35Mbps


3.5-inch 1.23 million-dot High-Resolution OLED Touch Screen
XA20 has an OLED touch screen. Featuring 3.5-inch 1.23 million-dot high resolution, this screen displays clear and vivid images and makes camera operation unprecedentedly simple. It surpasses the previous LCD monitor in all areas, reproducing richer and more vivid colors with enhanced contrast, reducing afterimages drastically with higher responsiveness and facilitating easier viewing and shooting from all angles with a wider viewing angle. The OLED screen utilizes capacitive touch technology as found in smart phones, offering easy control by touching the screen to select focus point, perform auto-tracking, control exposure or adjust various functions settings, bringing dramatically simplified operation.


1.56 million-dot High-Resolution Angle-Adjustable Viewfinder for Clear and Detailed Display
XA20 incorporates a 1.56 million-dot high-resolution viewfinder for clear and detailed display. With the viewfinder, users can shoot easily even in bright outdoor environment, allowing easy checking of focus and image details to ensure the optimal result. The viewfinder comes with a large-sized eyecup that fits snugly to the face to prevent outside light from entering and provides sufficient amount of space between the eye point and viewfinder to make viewing easier and more comfortable. In addition, the viewfinder can be tilted at a 45° angle upwards, allowing easy low-angle shooting for improved operability.


Slow and Fast Motion Recording Function for More Creative Imaging Effects
XA20 features slow and fast recording function in full HD MP4 format recording at up to 200% faster and 50% slower, offering versatile imaging effects for different stories with creative slow and fast motion that best capture the intense action scenes with added cinematic tension.


60cm Minimum Object Distance for Versatile Optical Performance
XA20 maintains a minimum object distance of 60cm at all zoom levels from wide-angle to telephoto, offering strengthened close-up shooting capability. Coupled with 20x zoom power, extreme close-up shots that capture the facial expressions of brides and grooms in a wedding or small objects such as a wedding ring or food are allowed, creating dramatic compression effect and shallow depth-of-field easily. Instead of using the wide end for close-up shooting, a natural perspective can be maintained without having the subject overshadowed by the camcorder body, making it ideal for shooting in narrow spaces or self-shooting for more versatile imaging.


Instant AF and Medium-Speed AF for Clear and Sharp Subjects
XA20 features Face Detection function, which works together with the ultra-fast Instant AF System to ensure focus and exposure to be stabilized and aligned instantaneously by tracking the faces to improve the accuracy and speed of focusing. Exposure setting will also be adjusted automatically to correct back-lit, over or under exposed images, guaranteeing bright and sharp subjects at all times. In addition, the camcorder features medium-speed AF function which ensures smooth and natural focusing transition when changing the subjects.


Flexible Manual Controls for Professional Video Results
XA20 provides all-round and flexible manual controls. A focus/zoom selection switch located at the back of camcorder allows quick switching between focus and zoom operation of the main control ring simply with one press. This allows users to make precise adjustments to create professional-looking videos quickly and smoothly as they envision it. In addition, 5 assignable buttons are available for users to customize frequently used settings depending on their shooting preferences. Coupled with the re-designed button layouts, dial and joystick for quick setting changes, users can enjoy more intuitive control with flexibility.


High Expandability Supporting GPS Receiver and Other Accessories for Different Shooting Needs
The GPS Receiver GP-E2 can be connected to XA20 by using a USB cable to record accurate location and time information during shooting, facilitating post-editing work while adding more useful information for easy video archiving and searching in the future.


In-box Accessories :
  1. CA-570 Compact Power Adapter
  2. BP-820 Battery Pack
  3. Microphone Holder Unit
  4. Handle Unit
  5. WL-D89 Wireless Controller
  6. HTC-100/ S High Speed HDMI Cable
  7. STV-250N Stereo Video Cable
  8. IFC-300PCU/S USB Cable
  9. Lens Hood with Lens Barrier
  10. Lens Cap
  11. Data Import Utility CD-ROM


Image Sensor Sensor Type 1/2.84-inch HD CMOS Pro Sensor
Image Sensor System RGB primary color filter
Resolution Approx. 3.09 megapixels (2208 x 1398)
Approx. 2.91 megapixels (2136 x 1362)
Lens Optical Zoom 20x
Digital Zoom 400x
F-number (W-T) f1.8-2.8
Focal Length (35mm equivilent) Approx. 26.8 - 576 mm [without Dynamic IS]
Approx. 28.8 - 576 mm [with Dynamic IS]
Lens Configuration 12 elements in 10 groups (2 double-sided aspheric elements)
Aperture Auto / Manual (Gradation ND included)
Minimum Focusing Distance 60 cm; 1 cm at full wide angle
Focusing System MF/AF (Instant AF / Medium-speed AF/ Normal AF / Face Detection / Touch Focus)
Filter Diameter 58mm
Minimum Illumination 0.1 lx ([Low Light] recording program)
1.0 lx ([Programmed AE] recording program, Auto slow shutter [On])
Image Stabilizer Intelligent OIS (Optical-Shift Image Stabilizer/ 5-axis image stabilization in Dynamic Mode)
Microphone Stereo electret condenser microphone
White Balance Auto white balance, Custom white balance (2 settings), User-defined color temperature or Preset white balance settings: Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Tungsten
AGC Limit Auto (AGC) / Manual (0 to 24dB in 1dB increment)
Shutter Speed Auto / Manual; 1/6 to 1/2000 sec.
Recording System
Recording System Movies AVCHD Ver.2.0/ MP4
Video compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio compression: 
AVCHD: Linear PCM (2ch)/ Dolby Digital 2ch
MP4: MPEG 2 AAC-LC (2 ch)
Photos DCF (Design rule for Camera File system), compatible with Exif(*1) Ver. 2.3
Image compression: JPEG
Recording Mode AVCHD: 28mbps - 50.00P
24mbps - 50.00i/ PF25
17mbps - 50.00i/ PF25
5mbps - 50.00i/ PF25
MP4: 35mbps - 50.00P
24mbps - 25.00P
17mbps - 25.00P
4mbps - 25.00P
3mbps - 25.00P
Recording Media SD, SDHC (SD High Capacity) or SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity) memory card (not included)
Maximum Recording Time 32 GB SD Card (not included)
AVCHD: 28mbps - 2 hours 30 mins
24mbps - 2 hours 55 mins
17mbps - 4 hours 10 mins
5mbps - 12 hours 15 mins
MP4: 35mbps - 2 hours
24mbps - 2 hours 55 mins
17mbps - 4 hours 10 mins
4mbps - 17 hours 20 mins
3mbps - 22 hours 55 mins
Size of Video Recordings AVCHD: 1920 x 1080 / 1440 x 1080
MP4: 1920 x 1080 / 1280 x 720/ 640 x 360
Media Recording Mode Slow & Fast Motion, Relay Recording, Double-slot Recording, Pre-Recording
Infrared shooting Support
Functions 1) Wi-Fi Remote
2) FTP file transfer
3) Playback via Browser
4) Movie Uploader app (iOS only)
Standard Complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocol (2.4GHz), IEEE 802.11a/n protocol (5GHz)
Frequency 2.4 GHz/ 5 Ghz
Encryption methods WEP-64/WEP-128, TKIP/AES
ViewFinder and Monitor
LCD Touch Screen OLED 3.5-inch approx. 1.23 million dots; capacitive touch panel
Viewfinder 0.24-inch type approx. 1.56 million dots; Tilt operations enabled
Recording Assist Function
Peaking Support
Zebra Support
Markers Support Level (White/Gray) and Grid (White/Gray) displays
AV OUT/ Terminal φ3.5 mm minijack; output only
Video: 1 Vp-p / 75 Ω unbalanced
Audio: –10 dBV (47 kΩ load) / 3 kΩ or less
USB Terminal mini-B, USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed USB)
HDMI OUT Terminal HDMI mini connector; output only; compatible with HDMI-CEC and x.v.Color
XLR Terminal XLR jack, 2 sets (balanced)
Sensitivity For microphone input: -60 dBu (manual volume center, full scale -18 dB) / 600 Ω
For line input: 4 dBu (manual volume center, full scale -18 dB) / 10 kΩ
MIC Terminal φ3.5 mm stereo minijack (unbalanced)
Sensitivity For microphone input: -65 dBV (auto volume, full scale -12 dB) / 5 kΩ
For line input: -30 dBV (auto volume, full scale -12 dB) / 5 kΩ
Microphone attenuator: 20 dB
Headphone Terminal φ3.5 mm stereo minijack (unbalanced)
Remote Terminal φ2.5mm stereo minijack (input only)
Power supply (rated) 7.4 V DC (battery pack), 8.4 V DC (compact power adapter)
Power consumption 4.5 W (17mbps mode, AF on, LCD normal brightness)
Battery Time Battery BP-820 (1780mAh) Battery BP-828 (2670mAh)
28mbps: 90mins
24mbps: 95mins
17mbps: 95mins
5mbps: 95mins
28mbps: 135mins
24mbps: 145mins
17mbps: 145mins
5mbps: 150mins
35mbps: 90mins
24mbps: 100mins
17mbps: 100mins
4mbps: 105mins
3mbps: 105mins
35mbps: 135mins
24mbps: 155mins
17mbps: 155mins
4mbps: 160mins
3mbps: 160mins
Temperature Performance Temperature 0 - 40°C
Operation Temperature -5 - 45°C
Dimensions [W x H x D] Approx. 109 x 84 x 182 mm (excluding lens hood, microphone holder unit and handle unit)
Approx. 131 x 180 x 231 mm (includes lens hood, microphone holder unit and handle unit])
Weight Approx. 765g (with grip belt only)
Approx. 1160g (Includes lens hood, microphone holder unit, handle unit, BP-820, and memory card (x1)
*Specification is subject to change without notice.